Monday, October 6, 2014

October 24th is Food Day!

Come Out and Celebrate Food Day!
Food Day celebrates our food system when it works and here at UCSC it's working! Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign that culminates on October 24th. Food Day aims to help people eat real. UCSC Dining is about REAL FOOD and UCSC has taken the challenge (endorsed by Chancellor Blumenthal on 3/5/2012)!

On Friday October 24, Dining will feature a dinner meal at all five dining halls which will be 100% sourced local from within 250 miles.

What will this look like? Well, you won't find any pineapple mango relish on our locally sourced seafood, and don't look for your favorite chocolate chip cookie. Nope, those ingredients aren't local so we're leaving them off... The chef's are busy sourcing and looking for the freshest, most local proteins, veggies, fruits, and grains to create a special Food Day Dinner menu which will illustrate just what "eating local" looks like! Don't worry, they won't forget about creating something yummy for dessert!

Watch Dining's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details as they arrive! They've got a whole week of "Food Day" happening for you!

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