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Green Tip: Zero Waste
May 2017

Green Tip: Seasonal Spring Crops
April 2017

Green Tip: Global Sustainability
March 2017

Green Tip: Staying Active After the Women's March
February 2017

Green Tip: Winter Holidays
December 2016

Green Tip: Decolonizing Thanksgiving
November 2016

Green Tip: Back to School/Halloween
October 2016

Green Tip: Graduation Weekend
June 2016

Green Tip: Refreshing Your Summer Wardrobe
May 2016

Green Tip: Spring Cleaning
April 2016

Green Tip: Three Ideas for Eco-Travel This Spring
March 2016 

Green Tip: Curtailment at Home and Away
December 2015

Green Tip: Have a Green Thanksgiving

November 2015

Green Tip: Reducing Halloween Waste

October 2015 

Green Tip: Sustainable Art

May 2015

April 2015

Green Tip: Go Green For Your Spring Clean

March 2015

Green Tip: Recycling E-waste
February 2015

Green Tip: Sustainable Holiday Meals
December 2014 - January 2015

Green Tip: How to Make Your Holidays More Sustainable

November 2014

Green Tip: Help Out--We're in a Drought

October 2014

Green Tip: Sustainable Studying

May 2014 

Green Tips: Sustainable Spring
April 2014 

Green Tip: Saving Water

March 2014 

Green Tip: Purchasing Electronics

February 2014

Green Tip: Gift Giving

December 2013

Green Tip: Sustainable Fall

November 2013

Green Tip: Greening Your Grocery Shopping

October 2013

Green Tip: Move-Out
June 2013

Green Tip: Eating Consciously

May 2013

Green Tip: April Fools

April 2013

Green Tip: Wastewater Management

March 2013

Green Tip: Dropping Your Drip and Water Conservation

February 2013

Green Tip # 8: Energy Saving for Winter

December 2012

Green Tip #7: Ride-sharing and Public Transportation 

November 2012

Green Tip #6: Reusable Mugs
October 2012

Green Tip #5: Reduce Landfill Waste through Composting

September 2012

Green Tip #4: Help Make Move-Out Zero Waste

June 2012

Green Tip #3: Pledge to Take Back the Tap & Stop Buying Bottled Water

May 2012

The following two tips were published exclusively on our newsletter for that month, so here they are in full:

Green Tip #2: Take Shorter Showers  

April 2012

When it's warm out, turn your shower water to warm instead of hot to conserve energy (you can also turn your water heater down to save more energy). To save water, shorten the time you spend in the shower. Shampooing your hair, soaping up, or shaving? Turn off the water. Time yourself--Can you get your shower time down to three minutes? Click here for 100 more ways to conserve water from

Drop Your Own Drip is a campus-wide campaign featuring a water-use reduction competition for residents in the on-campus apartment complexes to use no more than the target-level of daily water-use of 60 gallons per person. The competition will reward the residents who successfully reduce water-use per capita the most from February to April 2012. Students are encouraged to join the leadership team of this campaign and enroll in the ESLP 5-unit section called ""Drop Your Drip: Exploring Mechanisms to Reduce Water Consumption"" which will be held T/Th 10-11:45am. Please email Drop Your Own Drip if you have any questions.



Green Tip #1: Just Say No to Paper Towels

March 2012

Paper towel disposal contributes to roughly 33% to UCSC's landfill contribution. Fortunately, there's an easy way for us to reduce this wastefulness! Dorm-dwellers, consider bringing your own cloth hand towel into your hall restroom, and for everyone else, air-dry or dry your hands on your jeans after washing your hands. It's only water, after all!

Students in Path to a Greener Stevenson are working on removing paper towels from the dorm bathrooms and are working on ways to encourage students to use their own cloth hand towels---to find out more or get involved, please contact Aidan Ward or attend a PTAGS meeting, one evening each week in the Stevenson House 2 Lounge (check the Facebook page for updated meeting times).

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